I'm Presley and I'm just your ordinary 21 year old doing extraordinary things. EDU/English major from New Jersey.

RIP Dad & Grandpa †

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Do you not see that
the things I am doing
help me to cope
and no, you may not like it
but I do not ask you to agree.

I just want you to understand
that I am still learning
and sometimes
I still need my old ways
of coping
to get through the days
and I want
just as much as you
to be free of this.

I do not enjoy it,
but I am doing my best.

- N.J., I still need my floats. (via painstained-letters)

(Source: , via painstained-letters)

No matter how many times I tell myself
that I do not need
to take myself to pieces
in order to be whole
I cannot seem to shake
the idea that if
I could just destroy myself
maybe I could stop. - N.J., If I could just be bad enough, maybe I could get better. (via painstained-letters)
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